Delilah was about to lose everything: her life, her home, her marriage, and her future. She was desperate and without direction because she was going through one more marriage failure and would become a single mother again with two sons. She was broken and abandoned, with no family to help her in the United States. She struggled, unable to understand why this was happening if she had done everything right in her third marriage. She tried to fix her marriage, but she could not. She thought that everything was lost. Depression and suicide were surrounding her until she heard the voice of God.

In this book, Delilah shares how God restored her life. She shares her life story openly without shame but with courage. This book details the process that God took her through, and she narrates her conversation with God, which happened through visions, dreams, and the revelation of each one. She shares how a person can be living in the present without being aware of what could be destroying their life. She expresses the need to change, even though you may think you are right. She feels privileged that God has chosen her to be a bilingual author; she writes in Spanish and English. Both books have been written simultaneously in two languages. She gives God all the glory. She includes a study guide in this book, and you can access more material on her webpage www.delilahpc.com

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